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What kind of noise do they make? Is it a squealing or like a chatter or something? All the time or during braking or what? Is it just from the friction between the pad and the rotor?

Originally Posted by Smokey View Post
For the noise use this grease:

It's usually available at NAPA and you'll know it's the right stuff cause it's purple if you look inside the bottle. It's never failed me no matter how hot things got.
Thanks! I'm assuming you're talking about putting this on the back of the pads themselves, correct?

Originally Posted by mazpower View Post
Another Carbotech user here...I run XP10/XP8s on my FD and my NSX and XP10s on the Wilwood BBK on my Miata. I drive all of these cars on the street and they work awesome, only issue is noise, its worse with the Miata but very light on the FD and NSX. Dust is an issue on all three cars...just gotta stay on top of keeping the wheels clean. Small price to pay for insane braking.
Yeah I've seen you post about them. So the XP10/XP8 combo has enough cold bite for the street? That's one thing I'm worried about. I'm planning on ducting the front brakes when I install all this so I'm wondering if I can use the AX6s and be OK. I'll keep the wheels clean, no worries there. My main issues are noise and cold bite.

It doesn't seem like anyone really knows about Winmax yet. Oh well.
Thanks guys!
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