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Default Carbotech brake pad advice

I've been shopping around for brake pads and I think I've settled on Carbotech, but now I'm trying to decide which ones fit my needs the most. Looking at their site, you'd think that they all dust an insane amount and make noise, OR they don't work for shit but are perfect. I know that can't be the case. After searching on this site I've found some folks that love them.

I have an FD and I'll be installing the RZ brakes with APP Sports 2pc rotors, and I have N-Tech ducting plates that I'll be installing and I plan to run ducts to them (obviously), I'm just not sure where to install the inlets just yet. I was thinking about making an undertray and installing them in that, but that might be down the road and in the mean time maybe I can put them somewhere else.

I haven't gotten on track yet, but I do a good bit of spirited driving on curvy roads in the mountains. I don't remember ever having a problem with fade, and with the additional cooling from the ducts and wider rotors, I don't foresee it being a problem now either. At least not until I get on track. So I'm thinking AX6 would be my choice. However, I've read some people on here using XP8 and XP10 and being happy with those. I don't mind some extra dusting as long as it's reasonable, but noise on the street I can't really handle too much.

Also, I'm planning on powder coating the new calipers. Are there any downsides to that? Such as not as efficient cooling, or maybe the little temperature strip not reading accurately if I ever get on track and decide to put one on my brakes to see how hot they get?


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