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Default Today I want to show you how to install the LED headlight, the tutorial as follows

This is a bulb install tutorial or the NOVSIGHT LED lighting. Depending on what bulbs you get,will depend how they will sit in the housing. Make sure you wear rubber/latex gloves when you do this to prevent any oil from your hands transferring to bulbs and prematurely burning them out.
One, pop your hood and find and remove the rubber covers that grant you access the the headlight housing (just pull the tab indicated by the orange arrow).
Two, reach inside the housing, you will feel the back of the bulb (follow the wire). Grab the back of it and turn your hand counter-clockwise and the bulb should unlatch from the housing.
Three, Pull the bulb out of the housing and you should see the picture below. Toward the bottom of the grew piece (where the orange arrow is) there is a tab. Push in hard on the tab while pulling the gray adapter out of the bulb. This will separate the bulb from the adapter.
Four, Repeat steps 1-3 for the opposite side. Place bulbs in a safe place just in case something happens to your LED and you need replacement bulbs.
Five, If you order the NOVSIGHT LED lighting then you should have got a H13 adapter indicated by the box below. Make sure you plug it into your new light.
Six, At least with my lights i found that it was much easier to adjust the beam if i took out the screw in the below picture, this allowed me to rotate the bulb in the housing.
Seven, Because of the jeep light housing paired with how these bulbs work you want them sitting with the leds pointing left and right. Other bulbs may require the bulbs be pointed up and down.
Eight, Now its its time to reinstall them pretty much exactly how you took them out. Once they are in the housing, make sure they look like this. (Note: the wire is on the bottom, perfectly strait up and down). if you look in your headlight housing you should seethe the bulbs facing left and right. not up and down.
Finally, plug LED light to the gray car plug, place all the wires in the housing and throw the rubber cover back on. It’s finished!
If you want to know more install tutorials about other lights, enter the NOVSIGHT. Thanks for your replies!
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