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Originally Posted by TitaniumTT View Post
Soooooo open dumps on the turbo motor is out?? Pussy
Yes, open dumps are out. Only wannabe ricers run an open dump on the street.

Originally Posted by TitaniumTT View Post
What about weight transfer? That's what.... 10% of the gross weight of the car when you fill it up??!?!?
I did give that some consideration. I came to the conclusion that I would rather add a little extra weight to the back of the car than have to stop for gas every 100 miles because of the dinky 7 gallon tank. It will be about 10 gallons more fuel, so about 60 lbs with a full tank?

Originally Posted by TitaniumTT View Post
That looks tight... a little too tight for me.... and I would try to find a replacement FC tanks before committing to that... Would hate to see the SA stall out because you stole from Peter to pay Paul and Peter ended up being Peter Peter cock eater....

I'm all for saving cash..... but I would still look for an FC tank just to make sure... and no, I don't have any... all mine were trash and ended up at the recycling center...
It is tight, but there is nowhere else to put it. These cars are tiny, light, but tiny. To give you an idea of just how tiny here's a picture of a Midget parked next to regular vehicles.

midget size comparison.jpg

The tank I have is in good shape. It was fine for several years in the SA and had premix in it since I got it. A new tank is expensive as shit, but at least they're still available if I have any problems. The SA is going to need a bigger pump anyway and I would rather spend the money for a fuel cell on it as it is more likely to actually need it.

Originally Posted by TitaniumTT View Post
Looks good though! Looks real good... just make sure it's finished before the new year... would hate to have to come out there and kick your ass.... well... Maggie will... missing one year fine... 2... not happening... for your safety... I suggest finishing quickly!
Thanks. I'm certainly giving it my best shot, money permitting.

Tell Maggie to put the knife down.
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