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Originally Posted by chibikougan View Post
So easier access than an Rx8 good deal!
I dunno what you're talking about... changing 8 plugs is a breeze.... turn wheel full right, get 3' extension, swivel, and socket and go to war... easy peasey

Originally Posted by GySgtFrank View Post
That's an idea. We don't need no steenkin' passengers.

My hearing is pretty bad, so I'd like to hold onto what I have left. The exhaust system is going to get a little ... umm ... complicated in pursuit of that goal.
Soooooo open dumps on the turbo motor is out?? Pussy

Originally Posted by chibikougan View Post
You lost your boot sole....

Originally Posted by GySgtFrank View Post
It's outta here! I was cringing a bit when I started making the cuts, but it had to be done to get a decent sized muffler and fuel tank in there.

... and the position where the muffler is going to fit.

I'm going to lose about 6.5 inches of boot ( ) space due to raising the floor that far. It will allow me to fit the muffler, with plenty of air space around it, and to fit a standard 20 gallon fuel cell (24x20x10) if that's what I end up going with. The bottom edge of the muffler and the fuel cell will project below the car by about 2 inches, but I don't think that should be a problem. It's not a 4x4 and departure angle shouldn't be too big of a worry.
What about weight transfer? That's what.... 10% of the gross weight of the car when you fill it up??!?!?

Originally Posted by GySgtFrank View Post
Well change 546. After getting the floor out of there I was able to reassess my options. I pulled the FC tank from the SA and fitted it in there. It appears that I can make it work. These things happen when you're making it up as you go along.
That looks tight... a little too tight for me.... and I would try to find a replacement FC tanks before committing to that... Would hate to see the SA stall out because you stole from Peter to pay Paul and Peter ended up being Peter Peter cock eater....

Originally Posted by GySgtFrank View Post
The downside is that I will probably have to use one of the Spin Tech mufflers from the SA behind the tank as they are narrower. They were a bit loud anyway and I can use the RB Muffler in the SA when I get to putting the turbo motor in that. I could use the RB muffler in the MG, but I'm afraid there would be too little air space around it for me to feel comfortable. Especially considering how hot a rotary gets the muffler. It will also necessitate running dual 2" OD pipe to just before the muffler. It's going to be that tight of a fit.

The up side is that I will have the same or better cruising range as a stock FC and the pieces will be stock replacement stuff designed to work together. It will also save me about 1000 dollars for fuel cell, pump, fuel pressure regulator, and whatnot.
I'm all for saving cash..... but I would still look for an FC tank just to make sure... and no, I don't have any... all mine were trash and ended up at the recycling center...

Looks good though! Looks real good... just make sure it's finished before the new year... would hate to have to come out there and kick your ass.... well... Maggie will... missing one year fine... 2... not happening... for your safety... I suggest finishing quickly!

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