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I dislike level 1 rule 3, and level 2 rule 1. My problem with the first rule is it seems to say that one can not bring public complaint against a member for fraud. If I have gone through the private channels to resolve an issue and it has been ineffective I fully believe I should have the right to bring this to public knowledge. Not only to hopefully resolve my issue but to also warn the community of fraudulent sellers/buyers. As regards to the second rule it seems to be the exact opposite of keeping transparency. Lots of the major complaints about the other site were with regard to being censored. I don't see much difference with that and ensuring that possible complaints go unnoticed by the masses here? My wish with regard to this is not to see the forum dissect itself but rather to see issues discussed democratically. If I am mistaken on the meanings of these rules please educate me as I wish to see this place grow and become a great friendly truly democratic place.
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but I'm getting old
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It allows me to secks them before they're cool
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