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Finally got the suspension aligned and the car weighed. ~2340 lb with half a tank of fuel and no driver. From my understanding of stock weights that's ~300 lb lighter than the '86 base model. With me inside it's nearly an even 2500 lb - perfect.

I'm getting some noise out of the front end so I think it's time to check out the wheel bearings. Hopefully it's just preload but I'll pull everything apart and check all the races to be sure.

I still haven't replaced the front transmission bearings but I did finally order another seat and harness so I can have passenger's again. I'll be taking the new ones and swapping the older stuff to the passenger's side.

I still want to make it to DGRR and it's looking more and more like I'm going to have to drive it. I'll be taking a 3 hour road trip the weekend before, which will be a good shakedown. It won't be fully tuned but it'll definitely be broken in by that point.
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