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Originally Posted by JhnRX7 View Post
Awesome project!

Looking forward to see if you will be able to re-route the wastegates... I have been putting off going single, but I have been getting tired of replacing twins so a single will be in my future soon. I absolutely want a short runner manifold but for me the deal breaker is being able to reroute the wastegates. I have yet to see it done on a short runner like this.
Originally Posted by RXtacy View Post
Thanks John

That won't be for a while. I'll be running open dump initially. The only forcing factor for going re-route will be whenever I wanna hit up LRP. Stupid noise restriction I think it will be doable, tough but doable.
I'm planning on plumbing mine into the DP too, but I've been putting it off because it seems like such a huge project and probably be a PITA to do with a short runner manifold.

Good work on the manifold btw!
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