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Originally Posted by FC Zach View Post
That's it for now. . I'm waiting on delivery of the new coil mount and I have Ludwig making a harness for me, as soon as these arrive I can start assembling everything and assuming there are no issues with anything I'll have (hopefully) enough time to get the car on the dyno for some tuning to be ready for DGRR. Crossing fingers and hoping for the best. worse case scenario I'll drive the daily.
Looks GREAT Zach! Can't wait to see her this year The only thing I would change would be the fuel return line.... I would flip it 180* and run it on top of the intake as opposed to on top of the exhaust...

And screw the dyno if you can't make it.. ROAD TUNE!!! You get MUCH better driveability when tuning on the road than on the Dyno..... dyno is great for WOT but for the nitty gritty stuff... road tuning is where it's at. Ask MC about the difference between the first go around and the second when I spent a few hours driving back and forth tuning the low load cruising and transition. He actually liked it better the first time, it was much more violent as opposed to now he says it drives like a stock car until you mash the go-pedal. As a tuner that what I was looking for... I guess MC liked breaking the tires loose at 65 on the highway

Originally Posted by FerociousP View Post
I'll do my best to help Zach. I've got three projects i'm involved with, two are going to DGRR, but I'd love for yours to make it... even if we need to do tuning on the way there I should have some sprintRE maps that you can use/modify to simplify tuning.
That's what I'm fucking talking about!

Originally Posted by FC Zach View Post
Thanks guys! I hope it makes it but if it takes rushing it then I think it would be best to drive the celica, we'll see.
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