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Originally Posted by Nicole View Post
Interesting - would bad coils make the compression test fail?
There are a variety of conditions which could influence a perfectly healthy motor returning a low/failed compression reading, so I wouldn't put AS MUCH stock in that (especially if the place giving you the low reading could/would stand to profit from it..)

Originally Posted by Nicole View Post
Well I think this is just what Im going to do - replace the coils, and then reassess. Ive come this far, it is CERTAINLY worth another couple hundred to see if that is the culprit. Thanks for all the help fellas!!!!
Yup, and as a worse case option you could always sell the car with a higher asking price since you had just replaced the coils, as that would be a sticking point for an educated buyer.

Originally Posted by JL1RX7 View Post
New than that. 06 or 05 was when it was introduced. 2k is the one to hunt for. OE was 1.5k if I recall correctly.
I believe you are correct on that. I actually want/need to go get one of those for my FD... swap the innards from the 2k one into the housing of the FD starter and have a happily upgraded starter
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you need to lube them up with something when they get hard.
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Watching porn is only fun ALL OF THE FUCKING TIME.
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So yeah.... Surrounded by trannies AND I LOVE IT!!!!
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