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Default 85gsl-se build... waiting 9yrs is now happening

First allow myself to introduce..... myself... My name is Nathan and I am originally from Australia, I am currently living in Minnesota, USA (past 14yrs)...

About 9yrs ago I purchased an 85GSL-SE from a mate which had an issue with 2nd gear for $400.. so after the tow truck dropped it I decided to confirm that for myself.. 5k rpm, drop clutch, snap 2nd doing a burnout and boom.. confirmed haha... So myself and a buddy dropped the drivetrain out of it in the hopes to do a turbo upgrade... Well being that I had just opened a Meineke which included buying the land, building the building and outfitting the shop the cash flow stopped... this was back around 2005ish

This car was an ex cali car so absolutely rust free.. It has sat for 9 yrs in a shed.. the only issue is some mice decided to eat thru the roof lining.. right above both visors... %^$%^$^&%*&*^ pissed off...

So shoot forward to current day.. 3 days after wife said no to upgrading my motorcycle due to no funds I came across a 13B-REW for sale... was still running in an fd.. was apparently an $8K build by previous owner that only got a base tune to get it running then he sold the fd to move onto another project (an ex cali car) so I purchased the engine / trans package for what I feel was a nice price (but my wife didnt agree oops)

So this winter the install will begin with that same buddy that was there to strip it down... (He had never heard of the RX7 till meeting me and after showing him my dream car FD he turned up with one 3 weeks later) his now puts down around 410hp at the wheels... I dont have the money to buy his so this is whats happening instead... (pic attached of his car)

so I will try to keep the post updated with mods etc.. I work as a Machinist for the University of Minnesota.. so I have access to a huge waterjet, lathes, mill (manual and cnc) welders, brake, shears... pretty much anything.. I work daily with Mastercam and Solidworks so designing new mounts for engine and tranny will be fun... it if all works I may have to make a few sets as a kit for complete swaps...

also attached pics from my old rx7 and rx3 back in Australia

to be continued
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