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Originally Posted by MolotovMan View Post
Whats the total mileage on the car? The first thing I'd look at is the driveline mounts. I'd guess it would be the trans mounts, diff mount, or the driveshaft has some slop.
It has about 135k on the body. The engine has around 30k (supposedly). With the way the gear shift feels (like a floppy sausage) my guess is that the trans is original to the car. Is there any reason why it would be limited to just 1st gear?

Originally Posted by MolotovMan View Post
Congrats on the GTUs, in a bout of sacrilege I parted out my '89 GTUs a few months ago. I stalled on the project and was never going to get it on the road in a reasonable amount of time.

Hands down the best mod I did to the car was having an NB Miata gear set put into the S5 N/A case. It made the car so much more fun to drive.
Thanks man I'm really excited about it. Im ready to kind of run it hard but i want to get the coolant flushed first and maybe have the trans fluid done too. Why the miata gears though? The gearing in this car is already shorter compared to the other models.
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