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hey guys, ive talked to kevin about this project and this may take a slightly new direction.

long story short, my name is Lenn and im the owner and artist behind DorkiDori Clothing. i produce import based apparel. ive been making apparel for the import world for almost 5 years now. kevin and i talked over the phone the other day (im selling some RX7 based shirts on my website and soon on here once my group buy thread is approved) and we talked about collabing on some new apparel for the site including hoodies.

once the group buy is over, and if there is enough support from you guys on here for my current shirt (i need to make sure you all are interested in products i produce) i am going to start including Rotary Car Club logos on the backs of everything i make specifically for you forum members (the current shirt will not feature it, but the next one will)

so give it a few weeks so i can see where the group buy goes

if you want to see the Rotary Experiement shirt, please visit (feel free to order a few as well hehe)
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