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Finally got the idle sorted out. It turns out the culprits are the aftermarket (Airtex) points I purchased a while back. Even though the car has only 26,500 miles I figured it'd be a good idea to overhaul the ignition so I replaced the distributor cap, rotor, capacitors, and points along with the spark plugs and wires. Ever since the bouncing idle started I've been slowly swapping the stock parts back in. Go figure the last parts I swap back in, because I've been avoiding resetting the points gap, fixed the issue.

On top of that I started pre-mixing at a ratio a little less than 0.5 oz to 1 gal with this tank of fuel. After that I re-set the ignition timing (with the vacuum advance disonnected this time) and the idle fuel mixture and speed and she's running as smoothly as ever despite temperatures in the mid-30's (Fahrenheit). Hell, once warmed up she's so quiet I can barely tell she's running!
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