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Originally Posted by t_g_farrell View Post
You don't like that smell? My wife hates it but shes a girl. I suspect the TR is
not doing anything for emissions anymore because I bet a number of issues with
the carb plumbing may be causing it. Also the SAs do weird things with the
trailing firing (or not firing depending on gear you are in and a couple of other
factors). This is all controlled by that little box the ignitors live in on the fender
well (its a 79 so maybe no ignitors). Anyway, the idle being lumpy like that
may be a timing issue or a mixture issue when no advance is being applied.
At idle the vacuum should be zero and no advance happens. As soon as you
give it gas it will advance pretty quickly.

Go through the ignition section of the FSM and make sure its all set to spec if
you haven't already.
I don't mind the smell. It reminds me of my other cars with the emissions equipment removed. The thermal reactor probably isn't doing much these days, that's true. I did have someone in a truck follow me just to tell me my car was a "stinky piece of shit" once.

The only thing I haven't checked is the dwell angle. To date I've been setting that based on the points gap. I plan on picking up a dwell angle/tachometer over the winter so I can get better control of the ignition.

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