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Default My '88 TII build/resto

Well just this weekend I picked up my very first turbocharged rotary. I got extremely lucky and snagged this 1988 Turbo II for a pretty good deal. It's all original, completely stock with 55,000 original kilometers. (yes it's a true Canadian car.) My plans for it will basically consist of fixing a few little odds and ends on the car, and then do simple mods to improve handling, braking, and get a bit more power. I'm shooting for around 250rwhp. I'll be running a rtek 2.1 ecu, S5 turbo with ported wastegate, exhaust (probably the Racing Beat RevTII system), home made intake, GSL-SE injectors in the secondaries, walbro pump, and a few other odds and ends. Anyway time for some pictures. These were taken the day after I brought it home.


1976 Rx-4 hardtop. Half bridge 3B 13B, S5 NA rotors, Renesis e-shaft, stat gears, and bearings, balanced rotating assembly, RE dual weber 36 DCD's 203rwhp 137ft-lbs torque DGRR 2011 3rd place
1974 Rx-4 all original 27,000 miles
1988 Rx-7 TII 320rwhp. DGRR 2012 3rd place
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