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Made run to RTP yesterday to go to my office. On the way there I did a fillup at the end
and I saw 23mpg cruising 70 to 80mph for about 150 miles of interstate. I check before I
left and when I filled up it looks like around town I'm seeing ~20mpg.

So the new jets have definitely richen the mixture and I think its tuned about right.

The secondaries still kick like mule and will break traction easily in most gears except
5th. I may work on those at some point but its a lot of fun at the moment.

I'd like to get an air cleaner that fits the carb (4 1/4" seems about right). Right now I
have the stock air cleaner with the snorkel pulled off. Looks kind of rigged if you know
what I mean. I'd like to find an air cleaner base that will work with the stock top diameter
and then just drill a hole thru the stock top to bolt it on instead of using the clips.
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