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Talking Got it done and running

Ok, finally got the carb on and running perfect. Had the following issues to resolve:

1. Flooding on startup - had to find a true 12V ignition source for the FBVS so it would
click on when the key was engaged.

2. Vaccum leaks - Found a big tube above the MAS I forgot to plug and the hot start
assist port needed to plugged.

3. Idle circuit not working - Original carb had the air bleeds swappped on the
primaries and secondaries. I'm sure I didn't do this because I am pretty careful when I disassemble a
carb to not swap things around. BTW this is an 84 carb.

So addressed all those issues and replaced my drilled out primaries with 95 jets I got
from Mazdatrix. Set the MAS to 3.5 turns out and the idle to barely open the primaries.
Put it back on and fired it up. Ran but needed adjustments.

Had to adjust the choke cable to the fast idle linkage and had to relax the throttle cable
a bit. Then proceeded to play with the MAS and the idle until it was down to 800 rpm
and idling as good or better than the Dell.

Took it out for a test drive and boy is this thing a blast. Rips to redline as soon as the
secondaries kick it. Did I tell you the secondaries kicked in, lLIKE A MULE! Tons of fun
and have to kind of learn to drive with it since I've been using the Dell for over 20 years

Heres the interesting bit. I took it to the gas stationed, filled it up and then proceeded to
drive my 55 mile mileage check loop on the interstate. Its all interstate with one exit
to loop around and come back home. 27.5 miles each way. I cruised at 75 mph 80% of
the way and then had to kick down to 65 as it goes down to 55 right about where I
make the turn around. Returned to the same pump at the same station, filled it up again.
It took 1.787 gallons and I was careful to fill up to the same measure as before. Basically
held it until it kicked off and the topped it up by 3 cents to the next 5 cent
mark. Did it this way on both fillups.

And the final numbers were 55/1.78 = 30 mpg. Thirty freaking miles to the gallon. I think
its safe to say I'm running lean. I have jets now to make it richer. Interesting the engine
didn't seem to run really hot or anything but at that mpg its got to be lean. This is with
stock jets for everything but the primaries. Stock would be 92 and I have 95 in there.
I bet I can go up to 100 or 105 without a problem.

Big shout out to Jeff20B for some IM discussions we had over the last few months.

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