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Yep, was working perfectly before the trip. I didn't do any mods before the trip. I had pulled the engine a couple months before to reseal the oil pan and install heat shields on the turbo bits, a few things like that, but nothing that would cause this and it was working fine on the test drives I took right before leaving for the trip. It was running much richer at sea level, and I chalked it up to that originally, but it would still have to be bypassing the oil seals or something.

I've never seen anything like that purge valve on the FD, and I can't think of what we would have that would be similar.

I'll take some pics, but basically the catch can is sitting where one of the stock vacuum tank was, right next to the power steering pump and behind the pulleys and right on the front of the engine. One vacuum line comes straight from the filler neck, and I have another tube coming up from the rear oil drain for the stock turbos, and that line goes across the top of the engine to the catch can.

No, I pulled the charcoal canister a few years ago and used that as an extra line for getting fuel to the engine. I did reinstall the canister itself to try to kill some of the fuel smell, but I don't have any lines hooked up from it to the engine.
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