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It fits!!!! :snoopy happy dance:

13B final position by Kevin Frank, on Flickr

The hood closes with the EFI manifold on the engine.

I have about 1/2" of clearance at the closest point from the top front edge of the manifold to the underside of the hood. Even the filler neck for the coolant fits with plenty of clearance. This is rather astonishing to me. I figured and measured and planned it out to get the engine low enough for it to go in there. I'm actually about two inches lower than I have seen anyone else set the engine in one of these. That two inches was a LOT of work to get though. When you're juggling as many variables as there are in locating an engine in a space this small I've come to expect things not to quite work out right. I's a happy camper right now.

I did have to trim a little more than I expected from the passenger foot well though. I don't think that it will be a problem with where it's at, but if anyone complains I'll just punch it and they'll be so busy hanging on they will forget all about it.
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