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Originally Posted by diabolical1 View Post
as always, i'm quite impressed with your work. i think if you already have the Weber setup in hand, then you should use it. you could always take the EFI road later on. besides, it would give you a jump on ironing out some wrinkles before the EFI wiring headaches.
I have the carburetor, but not the manifold. The carburetor would also need extensive re-jetting as it currently has 36mm chokes which would have to be changed out for 40s, along with the emulsion tubes, idle and main jets, etc.

I keep waffling back and forth on it. I will have to see when I try to re-fit my hood (bonnet for Brian) with the engine in there. If it doesn't fit with the EFI upper, which is what I've been told, then I'll definitely be using the Weber.

This car has made me want to join you in that bottle of Glenfiddich on a great many occasions.
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