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Hey Paul,

Right on, that makes sense regarding the testing and specific target audience. Hell, I'm guessing that most serious drag racers will be breaking down/rebuilding their engines at the end of each season (at a minimum) anyway, so I can see how longevity tests would be tough. That environment is a completely different beast!

For apples to apples testing, it may not hurt to have visual comparisons of wear based off those types of benchmarks. I'm not looking to purchase seals, so my curiosity is simply academic. However, I can definitely see potential customers being receptive to those types of comparisons.

I'm actually glad to see you mention the premix amount as well. Before my engine met an (untimely) death a few years ago I was running similar premix levels (2-3oz/gal) with the "super seals" from REC up in Canada and definitely noticed that the increased lubrication amount helped LOADS with housing wear!! So definitely good to specify that amount there. Otherwise I could see a person buying your seals, throwing .5oz/gal premix in there, then complaining that the seals are crap and trashed their housings.

Cheers for the response

- Levi
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