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Originally Posted by t_g_farrell View Post
If the RR kit doesn't make it in time, you can always rig up some coils just to run
the leading spark (who needs trailing anyway ) Look forward to seeing it.

That RR setup is sweet, I wonder of it will work on a 12A? I know there would be some
size differences due to the housing widths. Never got an answer on that in the thread
he had on it.

Hi I was referred here and can reply to you now if you like?
Problem with 12A (apart from width) is I have no 12A housings here and I cant verify the exact plug locations.... makes it hard to guess bracket system for it.

Even the IGN-1A system due to variances in coils and other shit means that needs some shimming and slight angling of COP Adaptors (I know that is speeeell wrong LOL but I stick with it) to get it to line up.

There is no such issues with the M&W CDI set up, this is why I decided to stick only with that. I wrote in the other thread that I may continue to supply the COP Adaptors so end users can make up their own bracket systems, had a few 20B people request this.

Hope you all understand, just that IGN-1A type coil is a full on C-U-N-T, it would be so much easier and neater if it was a female end like the M&W CDI coil then I could fuck off the complexity of the COP adaptor unit itself.

I may look into doing an injection mold and forming some type of integral silicone boot with an internal contact? but that is expensive ............. Just doing a BDC or HC type typing brain fart idea over the internet lol I doubt I will spend more time on it personally, just push the proper CDI ignition systems anyway since they are much better than ghetto inductive coils in my experience.

Back to your original programing now
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