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So you have an S2000 roller and you want to put an RX8 engine in it? As much as I love rotaries, this project sounds like a downgrade to me - much easier & less costly to just find a running S2000 engine to drop back in there.

IF you insist on the RX8 motor swap, you'll need the RX8's ECU, wiring harness and probably a bunch of other crap from the RX8 to make it work. Or go with an aftermarket standalone ECU & custom wiring harness and figure out how to get it to run right. Not to mention all the mechanical fabrication involved in installing the RX8 motor, exhaust & necessary plumbing bits into an S2000 chassis. I'm not up on all the details, but the RX8's ECU not only manages the engine, but it's tightly integrated with other systems on the RX8 (e.g., power steering, stability control, dash/instruments, ABS, etc.) which won't be on your S2000, so there's that shit show of problems to deal with too.
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