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Up until this point performance wise she wasn't anything special. Custom SMIC, Apexi intakes, full exhaust, PFC, etc... She made 320 whp when Brian (TitaniumTT) and I tuned her just after DGRR 2012. Then "tragedy" struck Hit overboost on the highway on my way in to work and detonated. I drove it another ~8-10 miles into work on one rotor. Then drove it 25 miles back home. It died literally just as I was pulling into my driveway The carnage was impressive to say the least.

Pulled it out with Brian, Dave, and Levi lending a hand. Much appreciated fellas.

Don't have any pics from the pull, or the tear down. But have some of the aftermath.

After tear down/inspection

Front rotor.

The culprit.

The housings looked about the same. The irons were salvageable, but for the most part the engine was a total loss. So I picked up a used keg from Josh (XLR8) on the 7club. It was pulled while running with great compression, and the internals showed it. They were pristine!

Disassembly of the new block.

"New" engine on the stand after the internals were removed/inspected. This block was a great candidate to rebuild. All the internals were well within spec, and looked great.

All the accessories organized (somewhat)

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