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I got it from a guy down the road from me. I sold him a '85 GSL parts car (no motor or trans) several years ago and was trying to buy it back. He's an old school Celica guy but has a few junk 1G 7's. He wanted to keep the one I sold him and had these parts already pulled, so I got them.
Back several years ago my guru buddy had I'd guess 10 or so 1G cars for parts at his house. Got divorced and his ex junked all of it. He used to have an all rotary shop in Chattanooga. I worked there the last 2 years it was open.
We had a lot of parts cars there. I ended up with one 1G and five 2G cars from that. They're all gone now. Parted out and sold. I still have a lot of 13B NA plates and housings, coil packs and some other stuff all packed up. I also have a 13B 4 port motor.
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