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I run the carbotechs and love them for what they are, oh, I run the XP-08Dust-A-Lots. The noise on the street isn't all that bad, infact they only time I hear them is pulling to a stop with almost zero pressure, and they squeak a little, it's really not that bad at all. The dust on the other hand.... Oh man... it's pretty bad, especially with the wheels I run they are a bitch to clean, and need it almost every week... Ive been slacking lately and it's gotten to the point that I'm going to have to pull the wheels to clean them properly.

It got so bad that a few years ago I bought a set of the AX6's and threw them in when I put the car back on the rd in the spring. I ran them down to DGRR and for a month after that, then I had a track day and put the XP08 Dusty's in there.... I haven't taken them out yet, they stopping power is that much better.

Heat is another problem that I have been fighting, they create so much heat, and with the al hat on the 2-piece rotor, all that heat gets transmitted to the hub and then to the bearings, so I'm constantly tightening wheel bearings and repacking bearings, the FD has a different hub/bearing and it might be fine, but I would duct the FUCK outta the front brakes....
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