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Originally Posted by RETed
I gotta ask why the overkill on the clutch?
You have other plans later down the line that will significantly raise power levels?

I would try and stick with an organic face clutch disc is possible.
This will soften the drivetrain shock.
No need to go metallic puck clutch disc unless you're making over 300 lb-ft.
Yeah, the clutch is not ideal for a daily driver (although it is pretty smooth when soaked with ATF). The clutch is sprung, so the shock is not as bad as it could be.

When I bought the clutch, I had just ruined a cheap clutch on the dyno and didn't want that to happen again. I had a 8.2:1 polished-rotor 4-port engine, a 3 bar map sensor and cobbed-together exhaust. My only intention in that dyno run was for a baseline. What I had in mind was a Turbo and about 14psi boost (>400 WHp). I still may do that, but I would have to put the 8.2:1 engine back in, as I think 9.2:1 is a little heavy for a turbo rotary.
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