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Originally Posted by RETed View Post
You just can't...
The rear suspension has to be extensively modified.
Nothing off-the-shelf will fix the extreme negative camber in the back when you tuck the wheels into the fenders.
I've had coilovers dropped all the way to the point I was dragging my gas tank on the ground...we're talking -5 or more degrees of camber.
My rear camber adjust rod was collapsed all the way down.
Even if I had the front adjust links, it might dial out another 1 degree.
After that, the rear subframe just clangs onto itself and makes a horrible racket.

Fronts can go lower, but you usually bottom out most of the drop-in struts / shocks made for the FC.
Basically, you'd need a custom short-stroke set-up for front and front camber plates to adjust...
Read: big bucks and lots of custom work

Thanks Ted.

It seems as long as I'm not trying to drag frame... which I'm not... I should be satisfied with the ride height.

This car has been a been stuck in my head since i found it years ago. I love the stance of it.
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