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Default ignition timing help request

Thanks for your help TOM:

I will certainly do what you suggested, but don't have a clue how to determine what kind of a pulley I have on the 13-B.??
I do know that it only has two marks on it, and the '74 REPU manual sez to time the Leading at 0 degrees and the Trailing at 15 degrees. However,

The distributor on the car is from a '81-'85 RX7 and for that car, the manual calls for Leading at 5 degrees and Trailing at 20 degrees.
So, which settings do I use? Also, when I do decide which settings to use, this is done with vacuum hose disconnected at the distributor and plugged, correct?

Lastly, when you say "fiddle with it" does this mean just turn the distributor 'till engine runs it's best and forget about the numbers?
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