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Originally Posted by FC Zach View Post
Here's a link to my thread, I explained what I did and didn't like as well as unforseen issues I had to deal with along the way while converting it. Most were out of my control and completely avoidable but all was worked out and still worth it in the end.

A carburetor is just that. . What you are describing above is not a carb, it's the TBI system GM used on 95 and older engines. Take away the injectors and you have a TB, there are no bowls.

Yes and that’s why my proceeding post was a change to my plan, I really just want to use all mechanical means to control fuel administration. With draw through I can use the forced air to boost the fuel pressure in the bowls of the carb I have now, plus if I cool my fuel and use a temp sensitive kick on switch for the methiject I won’t have heating(thermos expansion) problems with the fuel coming into the plates through the turbo.
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