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Default last one.

As usual more problems keep cropping up.

My radiator is leaking around the plastic tanks. It looks like the next project will be to pull the radiator back out and replace it with a Koyo aluminum unit.

I'm currently working on the FC front subframe. So far, all I've got done is to depower the power steering rack according to TitaniumTT's post and start cleaning.

I'm going to see if I can swap in the LSD from the 87 differential and try to swap over to the big axles or possibly try to locate a complete SE rear axle and get new shafts with the 5X4.5 bolt pattern. I'm not sure exactly what's involved in this yet. I'll then fabricate and weld on some mounts to accept the 87 rear discs. More cutting, grinding, welding, Oh well..

I'll post more as I get to it, hopefully I didn't bore anyone to tears. It's been a low budget effort (except for the exhaust, which cost way too much in my estimation, about half of the build cost, stainless steel mufflers are EXPENSIVE).

I've got just under 4000 dollars into the total project so far (including purchasing the car). It's more than the car's really worth, but you can spend a lot more trying to keep yourself amused. I'm learning a lot in the process and just having fun. It'll be even more fun when I can get to some of the events and meet some of you in person. Thanks for all the help guys.

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