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Default some more.

Back to exhaust.

Now that I had room for a second muffler (not much, but enough). I started looking at mufflers and routing. I then realized what they meant about putting 10 lbs. into the proverbial 5 lb. bag.

I went with the Spin Tech XL plus mufflers in the back (no packing), they went in with lots of fussing for clearance and the rear mounts got interesting for a while. I probably should have used the smaller 8" wide mufflers instead of the 10" wide ones. But I'm one sick puppy, remember? I used the Stainless Works smooth tubes (stainless packing) in the middle in a 32" length and had them put header flanges on both ends, so I can actually get my transmission out again.

The driver's side didn't really have enough clearance in the center of the floor tub so.., more cutting, more welding, and generous application of the BFH. I now had room.

Next problem was that blankedy, blank Watts link right in the way! From reading up in the posts I found it didn't work all that well anyway. So, contact G-Force Engineering for a panhard bar, more welding, no cutting this time thank God, and I had just enough room for a snake to squeeze through there.

I puchased the Racing Beat FC six port road race header, which went right on with no hassles at all. Now that was nice for a change.

I then had the exhaust shop connect the sections together, I do believe they thought I had lost a few marbles. They didn't have room for an H-pipe with the road road race header flange having the two exit pipes side by side within inches of each other. They ran the two pipes back and connected them to the center mufflers. I didn't want to run without a collector of some sort, there wasn't enough room from the header to the center mufflers for a traditional collector, so I cut the center portions from the two pipes at closest approach and joined them into a homemade collector. Again, not especially pretty, but it works.

The collector changed the exhaust tone to a deeper, smoother sound, a plus in my book, and hopefully helps performance. Although the exhaust came out a little louder than I was really trying for.

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