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Now for wiring the harness.

Lots of time here, I was dreaming SA and FC wiring diagrams in my sleep for a while there. I had to figure out where to run everything in very limited space and make room for the extra relays and stuff needed. I also found that I was missing a lot of the little parts and the dash harness. I bought most everything I needed from BrettLinton7. He was a lifesaver. He had plenty of patience to answer lots of stupid questions.

I had to modify some of the wiring as the 79 ignition switch works differently than the 87 switch. (IGN2 is interrupted on start in the 87 and isn't on the 79). Also some of the accessories were positive actuated on the 79 and negative actuated on the 87. A few relays and it works.

I kept the 79 headlight and turn signal switches as well as the heater A/C controls, and console switches (Will use the antenna switch for a hatch release when I get around to that). Much better than the electronic stuff. I did keep the idiot light panel and the gauge cluster though. This was easier than rewiring the gauges, it also had 2 more gauges and the higher speedometer. As if I'm going to make it to 140 mph, Hah!

I had to modify the instrument bezel and make new dash mounts to mate the two, but it looks pretty much stock if you don't know what it's supposed to look like. I liked the white gauge numbers on the 79 better, but you can't have everything. Lots more time fiddling to get everything hooked up and working. Installed a clutch safety bypass switch (where the choke was at). Now I can turn the stupid thing on and off. The wiring is done. The center console still needs to be finished, but I did clean it up a little bit until I get around to doing it. I extended the wires and remounted the FC cruise control switch ro the center ashtray area for the 79. I don't smoke anyway. Eventually I plan to put in switches and hook up power windows and mirrors in the FC panel.

Build14 by GySgtFrank, on Flickr

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