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I'm breaking this down into manageable bits. Sorry Mods if this isn't the way it should be done.

I then remounted all the peripherals to the 79 chassis.

A/C was next, and noo I'm not driving around in a Kansas summer without A/C. I used the 87 condensor in front of the radiator in the same position as it was on the 87. Moved the accumulator over by the battery so I could actually see the sight window and had new lines made, (mine were shot).

Then I routed them on the drivers side to the 79 compressor. No P/S, so I kept the 79 A/C mount. Hooked it all up and it fits, I don't know if it works yet, as I need to get a new compressor, found out my compressor is seized and then I need to recharge the system.

Build04 by GySgtFrank, on Flickr
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