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Default Try this again

Cont'd with the build thread.

I'm glad I'm not as inept with tools as I am with posting.

Next problem was the radiator and oil cooler. I wanted to keep the stock clutch fan and fan shroud. I wanted it to look almost stock but it wasn't gonna work in the space I had. So, cut the front radiator support from the 87, fit and weld into the 79. I remounted the oil cooler where most people put an intercooler. It should have good airflow down there. I had to build a custom airdam for it of course, but mine was trashed anyway (even if it would have fit). I also had to lower the front lip on the belly pan. Cut, Fit, weld, hack, slash, blood flying, oops getting carried away.

Build01 by GySgtFrank, on Flickr

Build05 by GySgtFrank, on Flickr

Build06 by GySgtFrank, on Flickr
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