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Luckily the car was a fairly clean original car to start with. Very little rust, the interior was in great shape for its age, and basically all of the trim and glass was there. The original 13B was long gone, but the 4 speed and rest of the drivetrain was still there. I began the project by taking stock of what I had and formulating a plan. I started by wanting to just get it on the road as quickly as possible by dropping in a S4 13B engine with a megasquirt to run it. As I got deeper and deeper into rust repair though I decided to strip the car and have the whole thing painted. At the same time I lucked out and got a hold of an original 3B 13B 4 port engine from an early Rx-4 wagon. The engine was in amazing shape and it was a no brainer for me. Build up a stout, ported NA engine. After the sheet metal repair was finished on the car I began building a front bumper for the car. I didn't have a front bumper and I couldn't find one close by for a reasonable price. I decided I could build a better bumper myself for less money. I started with a 1993 Chevy full size truck front bumper. After much cutting, measuring, welding, more cutting, more welding, and more measuring I had the bumper fitted nicely to the car. I then molded in front turn signals from a late 80's Nissan Pathfinder and cut in the notch for my oil cooler. Pictures to come later of these parts.
1976 Rx-4 hardtop. Half bridge 3B 13B, S5 NA rotors, Renesis e-shaft, stat gears, and bearings, balanced rotating assembly, RE dual weber 36 DCD's 203rwhp 137ft-lbs torque DGRR 2011 3rd place
1974 Rx-4 all original 27,000 miles
1988 Rx-7 TII 320rwhp. DGRR 2012 3rd place
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