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Acetheman123 02-08-2018 10:46 AM

2006 Rx8 Shinka edition broke down help please
Hey guys, just became a member but I’ve been reading these forums for awhile now. So recently my Rx8 broke down. It’s winter and cold where I live. I was leaving work ( I let my car warm up first) and as I was driving the engine sputtered to a stop. The engine tries to turn but can’t make it. Took it to a shop and the car was flooded. The cleared the flood replaced the plugs and still nothing. They said it has fairly low compression. The only thing it needed was an oil change otherwise it was fine as far as I know. Any idea what might be wrong? Without having to replace the engine like the shop recommends?

Fendamonky 02-08-2018 10:59 AM

How many miles are on your car/engine? When was the last time (if ever) you replaced your coils?

There is one other thing I'd check that can get gunked up but I can't remember it off the top of my head (I'm not an RX-8 guy).

How were they testing it when they said that it has fairly low compression? Is this a rotary specific shop? You may have some carbon buildup if you don't flog the car to redline very often... An easy way to combat this is by intentionally ingesting distilled water into each rotor housing (

Sit tight! I'm sure some smarter folks than me will find their way in here to offer specific advice :)

Acetheman123 02-08-2018 11:26 AM

I bought the car with 76000 mike. It’s about 85000 now. So I have changed the plugs or coils yet on it

Acetheman123 02-08-2018 11:41 AM

This isn’t a rotary shop. He has some experience but not a lot so I may potentially need to get it moved over. The problem with the carbon buildup is the Shinka edition is automatic and over a certain rpm there’s an automatic gas shut off so I can’t really redline it

GySgtFrank 02-08-2018 05:49 PM

Another non-RX8 guy butting in. I have to agree with Fendamonkey on this one from what I have heard discussed by the RX8 guys. If your coils are the originals then they are the likely culprit. Coils are one of the big weaknesses on the RX8s and from what I have heard 85k is about where they start acting up. By all means change the plugs if you are unsure what condition they are in. You will have to de-flood the engine to get it restarted. Pull the plugs, disconnect power to the electric fuel pumps, and crank it for a bit to dry things out. Fuel pumps and filters are a possible failure point if the engine is not flooded. You would have to check what kind of fuel pressure is getting to the engine. Most shops that deal with EFI should be able to handle that for you.

You have to have a rotary specific compression tester to get any kind of a meaningful reading for engine compression. Not that it can't happen, but it is over diagnosed on rotaries. Other than the screwy compression tester there isn't really anything all that different about diagnosing a rotary versus a piston engine.

In your case injecting a little distilled water or Seafoam every now and then will help the carbon buildup once the car is started and warmed up. The automatic cars are prone to carbon buildup for the reason you stated.

JL1RX7 02-08-2018 06:27 PM

First off, change plugs coils wires, oil. With the amount of miles on and it being an auto it is likely toast. 75k is about when they go if it has not been taken care of. So be ready for a rebuild. Rotaries like consent attention. Change oil every 3k, change plugs every 10k, coils every 20k. Then you will get 100k plus on an auto.

Kevin Landers of Rotary Resurrection is the home of the budget rebuilds on the East Coast.

Not sure if you bought a extended warranty on it, but if you did you might catch break on that.

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