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MARKMOROSS 07-15-2019 05:25 PM

Howdy,my name is mark i have a rotary engine.i just got it.found it abandoned havnt worked on it yet.only thing i can see wrong with it so far is the roof got banged up when the patio it was parked under fell on it breaking windscreen and rear window.i know.i joined here to talk to you guys about if its worth fixing.(I know it is).just a matter of how much money.i dont have a lot of which case i might be looking for a good home.
I'd really like to drive it no one even knows what it is.its got a Wankel engine. god looking cari find it hard to get a price of a decent australia a guy paid $40,000 us dollars. here only ones ive seen were $16,000 and 20,000.if they are selling for that then i have a big margin and not overspend huh?

raynard35 07-15-2019 07:57 PM

Welcome aboard! The way you describe I would expect the engine to be valuable. Do you got some pics?

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