View Full Version : AZ Residents

02-07-2009, 12:04 AM
as most know i'm getting rid of her. I am not putting this in the sales thread because it's not really a sales thing i don't believe BUT.

if anyone in arizona has an rx8 and has STOCK WHEELS. I will trade PLUS cash my aftermarket rims on my car. They are 18" VSR Performance wheels, no bends, some scratches on the edges from when i bought the car. All the wheels are nankang sport NSII's fairly new and have PLENTY of tread left.

my exhaust is borla. If someone wants it name a FAIR price you come cut it off and take it. Those are the only two things i will have someone yank off the car.

There are pulleys on it but it's too much of a pain to sit there and change out so i won't mess with those. if anyone in arizona is interested let me know.