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01-18-2009, 02:58 PM
The Edmonton Rx-7 Club is excited to announce that we have dates for 2009. Unfortunately, this news has come a very close to the start of the first event and the registration will only be open until Thursday, January 22nd at 8 PM.

This event will take place on September 25th, 2008. The event will be hosted at Edmonton Garrison / CFB Namao. Our events are open to everyone who wishes to participate. The only requirements are a vehicle which will pass our tech inspection and a Snell2000 or greater certified helmet. DOT only helmets will not be allowed.

The registration fee for this event will be:
- $30.00 for members of WCMA affiliated clubs
- $40.00 for non members.
- Volunteers and spectators are free of charge.

To register and pre pay, please visit our Karelo Page.
[/b]This is our preferred method of registry.[/b]

Alternatively, send an email to rotary-god@hotmail.com
Please include:
- Your full name
- The names of your guest
- Year / Make / Model / Color / License Plate number / VIN of the vehicle you will be entering.
- Year / Make / Model / Color / License Plate number / VIN of any other vehicle/tow vehicle.

Volunteers, please use the email method.

Remember, anyone who wishes to attend must be on my entrance list before the deadline, otherwise you will not be allowed onto the taxiway! No exceptions.

For those who havenít pre paid, please remember to bring the exact fee in cash to the event. If you wish to become a club member, please pay the non member price and bring $20.00 with you, and we'll sign you up at the event.

Registration closes on Thursday, January, 22nd.

On the day of the event, try to arrive on Base by 09:00 for registration and the Tech Inspection. The volunteer meeting will be at the Tim Hortons (16039 97 St NW) @ 07:30.

Link to the local forum thread:

Thank you!

Connor Bredin
Event Coordinator