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09-02-2008, 02:48 PM
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Hi all.

You are cordially invited to our annual (5th Edition) end of season hot dog meet of the Quebec RX Club 2008 . . . . The biggest and the best end of season rotary meet in Eastern Canada.

Last year’s meet saw 60+ cars from Quebec and Ontario. This year’s goal is to have even more cars.

The meet is sponsored by TECHNO-CONTROL / MAZDA CANADA

Location: On the company grounds of:
Techno-Control Cybernetic
3470, des Entreprises Blvd.
Terrebonne QC J6X 4J8

It’s 15 minutes north of Montreal and the directions are easy to find using your GPS, Google Maps, Map Quest or other.

Date: Saturday September 20th, 2008 (In case of rain, it will be postponed to Saturday, September 27th, 2008).

Time: 12:00 (Noon) to 6:00 PM.

Parking access on Techno-Control grounds will be reserved in priority to rotary-engined vehicles, but there is tons of parking in front as well as on the sides of the building.

The meet is open to all Mazda RX cars and other Mazda car clubs (rotary wankel engine or other, Ex.: NSU ???)

Models: RX-All
REPU (Rotary engine pick up)
RX-7 All gens

As usual, hot dogs, chips and beverages will be offered at the price of $2.00 or more per article (the "more" is on voluntary basis).

We will have:
Continuous music;
Surprises for our club members ;
Raffles for rotary performance parts and more ; and
Karting at the end of the day

Note: No beer will be tolerated no exceptions and the Highway Code must be respected (no burnouts, no donuts, no revving of engines, etc...).

It's all a question of insurance and good citizenship . . . and furthermore we don’t want you to have an accident or other misfortune.

Talk about it with your friends in your car club and make it a club outing !

Hope to see you all in great numbers.

Paul G. for J-P (aka RX7SP)

The Quebec RX Club / Le Club RX Québec

************************************************** *************

Le meet annuel (5ième édition) Hot Dog fin de saison du Club RX Québec 2008

Bonjour à vous tous.

Encore cette année vous êtes invité au meet rotatif annuelle Hot dog fin de saison du Club RX Québec version 2008.

Venez fêter avec nous (déjà) notre 5ième rassemblement (déjà) d'envergure et sociabiliser dans le monde du rotatif.

L'année passe on a vue 60+ voiture venant du Québec et de l'Ontario.
On veut encore plus de monde cette année.

Ce meet est commandité par TECHNO-CONTROL / MAZDA CANADA

Endroit :
Techno-Control Cybernetic
3470, boul. des Entreprises
Terrebonne, QC J6X 4J8

La date de l’événement : Samedi le 20 Septembre 2008 (remis au Samedi le 27 Septembre 2008 dans l'éventualité de pluie).

Heure : 12.00 (Midi) a 6:00 P.M.

L'accès au terrain de Techno-Control est réservé aux véhicules à moteur rotatif mais il y a plein de stationnement à l'avant et sur les cotes.

Le meet est ouvert a tout les voitures MAZDA RX a moteur rotatif et aux autres clubs Mazda et + (rotary wankel engine ou autre Ex: NSU ???).

Modèles :
REPU (Rotary engine pick up)
RX-7 toute generation

Comme d'habitude hot dog, chip & breuvage seront offert 2.00$ ou + par article a titre volontaire.

Music continuel toute la journée;
Surprises pour nos membres (les membres son considéré les personnes les plus participative au meet etc...) ;
Tirage de pièces pour vos voitures et autre ; et
Karting en fin de journée (St-Roch).

NOTE : Aucune bière ne sera tolérée sans exceptions et le code de la route doit être respecté (pas de burnout, donut ou moteur rincé etc..)

Tout est une question d'assurance et de civisme en plus on vous aime trop pour que vous ne soyer implique dans un accident ou autre.

Espérant vous voir en grand nombre comme d'habitude.

Paul G. pour J-P (aka RX7SP)

Le Club RX Québec / The Quebec RX Club

09-08-2008, 09:25 AM
Hey guy's if you want an idea of it was last year


09-11-2008, 07:41 PM
As of today, we already have thirty-five participants/cars confirmed (FCs, FDs, RX-8s, a rotary powered Datsun pickup truck and possibly an all-original 1974 RX-4 owned by a Montreal area club member) and more to come.

Would be awesome to see some of our fellow rotorheads from the Ottawa area spend the day with us . Rotorheads from the GTA are more than welcome too . . . .

09-12-2008, 09:04 AM
1 week left dont miss this or you will hate youself for missing it talk to your group :grouphug: make it an outing comme and party :cheers2:

09-18-2008, 09:12 AM
Hey Guys.

Can’t believe you guys didn’t look at this yet.

You’re guaranteed to have a wicked time with a great bunch of people. As of today, we have more than fifty plus participants/cars confirmed (FBs, FCs, FDs, RX-8s, a rotary powered Datsun pickup truck and possibly an all-original 1974 RX-4 owned by a Montreal area club member) and more to come.

Saturday will be a beautiful sunny day . . great day for a drive to the Belle Province.

10-26-2008, 11:16 AM
So how did your meet go? Are clubs from the US invited also?
I've been to Quebec for the Grand Am race there when I was
on one of the teams. Maybe next year some of us from the Central Ohio
area can come if its alright with you guys. Weather up there is
great! Plus those that would come with me are all adults.


10-27-2008, 07:41 PM
Hi Luke.

Our meet was a great success. Great people, great cars and beautiful weather .. it was perfect.

Here are a couple of links to pictures that were taken by fellow Club RX Quebec members.


Lots of FDs, several FCs, unfortunately no FBs (next year we’ll have some) . . . but one mint all original 1974 RX-4.

US clubs are always welcome . . that’s why we posted here and other RX sites. It would be great to see fellow rotor heads from Ohio come up to be part of it next year. You guys can figure that our meet will be held at about the same time (end of September) next year.