View Full Version : Howdy Glenny Here from Cache Bay

03-28-2011, 08:22 PM
1981 GS Brilliant Black is my latest acquisition and I am going to keep this one.
I got started in 1991 with my first RX-7 (a 1979 SA) and had, until 4 years ago owned many RX-7s all with the smaller 12a engine.
I took a small while away from the RX-7 compulsion but came back at age 61 and bought a very nice 1981 GS (12a motor again) about a month ago.
I was seriously looking for a GSL-SE but could not find one in my price range.
Anyhow, I must compliment one and all on this site.Tis a nice change from the terseness of the other RX-site (no names mentioned)