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Rotorboy68's 1988 Rx7 Fc3s turbo
I have three 88 fc's ! It began with a fully rebuilt gxl limited turbo hardtop ! Actually it started 20 yrs ago with a bp 13b rx2 coupe but that's another story. The series 4 coupe I have now is mostly standard but for mild turbo port and hiflo turbo. I also have two series 4 turbo convertibles. One I only bought two weeks ago which had over $50000 spent on it within the past year and a half! Big turbo , microtech lt 10s , total restoration and huge power update ! Then a poor old bugger went through a give way sign and promptly wrote it off ! I was so so depressed ! Luckily he was insured and I got to keep the wreck and was given much more than it cost me back too ! Which brings me to my latest purchase ! Another softop exactly the same as my wreck down to the black paint ! It's in need of tlc and heaps of parts! I'll be able to make it the nicest softop rx7 in Canberra! All this within two weeks ! At least I'll be kept busy ! It will keep me outa mischief ! Lol! I love my rotors and have a big rotor tattoo I did myself on my forearm. My son loves them too ! The coupe is for him after he has driven something tame for a year first ! The new softop has a stock motor and turbo in vgc so I'll put them in the coupe for him . Then I can put the pp engine,Garrett t03/04 turbo with tial wastegate and turbosmart bov ! Also a blitz dual stage type r boost controller with optional boost map analyzer ! I also have bilstein susp all round, big Fmic , gp style bodykit with flared glass front and rear fenders! (widebody) ! Everything I'll be taking off the wreck and putting on the new softop has only 10000ks on it all since rebuild. Engine ,turbo , 5speed, diff etc! All rebuilt using hd bearings ! I can't wait to have it all done ! It has a walbro 500hp fuel pump, Bosch Indy blue injectors, pac turbo blanket, new roof , new leather on seats, new carpet, and once I've finished transplanting all the drivetrain it will be resprayed in the original black with a dark red flake and pearl with heaps of clear over the top! It has 19" starcorp shadow rims with the back ones having a 3cm dish depth and the front only 1cm ! Looks nice! I'm also gonna eventually get a nice v mount intercooler and a carbon or fiberglass vented bonnet to suit ! It will be one beast of an fc road car! I also have heaps and heaps of spares from the wreck if anyone needs anything ! The engine from the coupe only has 40000ks on it but has been overheated and shot the water seals ! Doh! $10000 down the drain! I'm gonna use the housings and rotors as ornaments inside until I can afford a rebuild ! It also has 3mm seals and mild turbo port by mazfix! The other beast engine was built by dysons only 10000ks ago ! And people wonder why we love rotors !!!! They just don't get it lol ! We do , and that's what counts ! I'm glad to be a newby on here but I'm far from it when it comes to rotaries! Bye for now ! Garry....

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